Smashbox Ombré Eyes Set – Review + Swatches

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing the Smashbox Ombré Eyes Set which includes a Photo Op eyeshadow/blush palette, full size Full Exposure Mascara and full size Lip Enhancing Gloss. Currently, Ulta is including a free full size Limitless Waterproof Eyeliner along with this purchase (all this for only $29). Helloooo, this was too good of a deal to pass up, I HAD to get it!

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but something about eyeshadows in the color purple call me. When I first started practicing with shadows again a few months ago, the first look I made that looked remotely decent was created with purples. Since then, I’ve become attracted to purples like a magnet. When I scope out new palettes and quads on Sephora, my mouse always clicks on those darn purple hues. It’s an instinct that I can’t help and I don’t realize it until after I’ve done it.. then I say to myself, ” Tasha, you HAVE to stop buying purples!” And it’s true, I do need to venture out! But c’mon, for $29.. how could one pass this up? So here we are, and I must say I’m pretty content with this purchase!

The purples in this palette are pretty pigmented (the Violet is to die for!). The light pink is somewhat chalky with not-so-great color payoff (it basically looks like a faded white on my skin) but when I bought this, I pretty much knew I wouldn’t be using it anyway. The black also isn’t the most pigmented black I’ve ever come across, but I almost never use blacks. I have a couple in other palettes that I own if I ever need them. I haven’t touched the blush yet, so I can’t comment on it’s wear or quality, however, it looks as though it may be too light for my skin tone. I will say after several hours of wear, the colors did appear more faded than when I first applied, but it’s not a significant difference – not enough for me to be bothered. Even if these aren’t *superb* in quality, the mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss together are still worth over $29 alone (approximately $60 combined if you were to buy each one separately). The mascara, I’ve used before – I have several samples of it and while it isn’t my HG, it’s decent enough. I’m not super picky with mascaras, so the more I can collect, the better. The gloss is a pretty pink which looks like it would be flattering on all skintones; semi-sheer, but buildable, moisturizing, and not too sticky. I haven’t used the eyeliner yet because I have a million that I need to use up first, but I’ve read that it’s quite good in quality – not budgy. It also has a built-in sharpener in the cap which I think is so cool! Hopefully it actually works! That would certainly make it great for travel.

Smashbox Ombre EyesSmashbox Ombré Eyes Photo Op Palette from L to R: Pastel, Lavender, Violet, Ebony and blush in Rosy

Smashbox Ombre Eyes, Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner, Smashbox Lip Enhancing GlossSmashbox Full Exposure Mascara, Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx and Lip Enhancing Gloss in Blush

Smashbox Ombre Eyes

Smashbox Ombre EyesWearing Lavender and Violet from the Ombré palette and Lip Enhancing Gloss in Blush.

I’m not one to follow the trends at all. This palette was released in fall of 2013, but to me, these colors are really pretty for spring despite the late-year release. I’m actually just now starting to understand that there are trends in color that vary per season, and while I’m not going to limit myself to wearing only THOSE colors, the colors in those seasonal collections strangely become more appealing to me. Darn that marketing! Either way, I think purples of any shade go great during springtime! Overall, despite the not-so-great quality in a couple of these shadows, I’m pleased with this. For the price of it all, I feel like I made out like a bandit! What do you think about these colors? Is following seasonal beauty trends important to you?