Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Palette (new version)

Bonjour, beauties! 😛 This is going to be a lazy post today, as all the energy I have is draining from me as we speak. I won’t be posting as much during the next few weeks because we really do have to get packing, Easter is coming up and before I know it, we’ll be on the road to our new home!

Today I’m going to show you swatches of the Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye palette. I picked this up during Sephora’s 15% off sale a couple of weeks ago with a gift card I had (the palette retails for $36). I was debating between this and the Naked 2 which I already owned before, but sold in a blog sale (which I sort of started to regret). But since the Naked 2 is quite a bit higher in price (and on top of that, got hiked up YET AGAIN another $2), I said pooh-pooh to that and decided on the Too Faced palette.

I haven’t worn it yet so I can’t comment on wear/longevity, but most of these colors are complete buttery softness, and I have no worries as I know Too Faced delivers on their quality for the most part.

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

The new version of the palette contains 3 new shades: Cashmere Bunny, Nudie and Chocolate Martini which replace Velvet Revolver, Nude Beach and Cocoa Puff from the older palette. I’m not familiar with the old palette, but from photos I have seen, Cashmere Bunny/Velvet Revolver and Chocolate Martini/Cocoa Puff look almost identical.

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Palette
For comparison – (photo borrowed from Laura at French Vanilla Cheeks, thank you again!) – This is the older version of the Natural Eyes palette

Now, onto the swatches!

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection Heaven, Cashmere Bunny, Sexpresso
From L to R: Heaven, Cashmere Bunny, Sexpresso

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection Silk Teddy, Push-Up, Erotica
From L to R: Silk Teddy, Push-Up, Erotica

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection Nudie, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini
From L to R: Nudie, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection Card

So there you have it! Again, I haven’t worn these out all day yet, but I know I won’t have any regrets with this purchase and I have no doubts that the quality will be up to par! I’ll try do a look with it soon. What are your thoughts on this palette?

March Madness Haul/Purchases

Hello, guys & gals!

March is nearly over and April will soon be upon us! That means we’re inching closer to spring trends and weather! I gathered together all of my beauty purchases from this month (hopefully I can make it through tomorrow without caving in). I feel like this was a lot, but most of them are actually drugstore buys – Maybelline Color Tattoos and L’Oreal Paris Collection Privée products making up the bulk of that. I will be posting swatches and reviews of many of these in the days and weeks to come, so stay tuned! What were your beauty purchases for the month of March?

Inglot, L'oreal Privee, Smashbox Ombre, NYX Butter Lipstick, Sephora Glitterguard Primer, Maybelline Color Tattoo

Beautylish and Inglot Review & Swatches

Hi all!

So today, I wanted to post about my very first Beautylish and Inglot purchase! I’ve visited from time to time over the past year or two, but never ordered anything. Since I started my beauty journey last year, I guess you could say I’ve kind of been a dedicated Sephora girl. I love the fact that I can use eBates, Swagbucks AND Shopkick (shameless plug, maybe, but I’m SO serious about getting free stuff when I can!) to earn cash-back or points towards MORE Sephora gift cards (and I’ve earned SEVERAL), and I also like accumulating Beauty Insider points (if you aren’t aware of their Beauty Insider program, I definitely recommend that you join – it’s free and at the very least, you’ll get a free birthday gift every year). However, being quite disappointed in how their Rouge program has materialized (it actually hasn’t) and how these issues been addressed by the company, I’ve been doing most, if any, of my shopping elsewhere.

That brings me to Beautylish! I don’t know how it happened, I just ended up there browsing again as I do every so often, and the Inglot products caught my eye more so than usual this time. I decided to order. It wasn’t anything huge, but I chose a lipstick, a gloss and a loose pigment (my first loose pigment ever!). Their makeup is fairly inexpensive and I’ve only read good things (mainly about their eyeshadows), so it was a done deal. When the package arrived, the products were charmingly tied and wrapped inside a small, brown paper bag, and a personal message written on a note card was included, thanking me for my purchase! So cute & thoughtful! I love when companies show great customer recognition, those kind of gestures really go a long way. It was a really sweet added touch which will definitely keep me coming back. I’d definitely recommend checking out Beautylish if you haven’t before. The shipping is quite reasonable – they offer free FedEx 2-day shipping with purchases of $35 and up and orders under $35 have a flat $5 charge, which still isn’t bad, IMO. Plus it’s not just a site to shop at, it’s also a community full of beauty lovers – there are tons of beauty-related videos, product ratings, advice, etc. It’s a really neat site, so check it out!

Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow 35

Pigment #35 – This color caught my eye almost immediately – the pictures definitely don’t do it justice. I’ve never seen anything like it! And I’ve never used a loose pigment before, so I was a bit hesitant to buy it in case I couldn’t figure out how to use it properly – but even if I hadn’t Youtube’d videos on it, I don’t think I could’ve passed it up because it’s just such a gorgeous, unique color. It’s a shiny duochrome pigment; a deep periwinkle/cornflower blue mixed with gold. When the light hits it, the gold really radiates and I think it’s just simply stunning. It turned out to be exactly the color I thought it would be, and we all know how makeup swatches and pictures on our phones and laptops can prove to be so deceiving and disappointing once we receive the actual product.

Inglot Sleeks Lipgloss 46, Inglot Lipstick 236 Cream

Inglot Sleeks Lipgloss 46, Inglot Lipstick 236 Cream

The lipstick I chose (#236) went on creamy and evenly. On my lips, it shows up as a maroon color with purple undertones, kind of like what I expected my Dior Lip Addict Extreme in Bonne Aventure to appear (that was one of those “disappointments” I was referring to earlier), so I was very pleased. It has a nice sheen to it too. The lipgloss (#46) is ahh-mazinggg! Okay, now I’m not a huge fan of sparkly gloss by any means. It’s just not my thing. I like my lips glossy, but they’re HUGE so I don’t need added sparkle to accentuate them. HOWEVER, this gloss has an amazing lustrous glow to it. It’s a bright, semi-sheer strawberry red with gold shimmer inside. I couldn’t stop staring at it when I put it on! I don’t look for sparkly glosses, so I don’t know if there is one like this out there – to me this is one-of-a-kind. It’s perfect for summer because it has that golden glow, it’s sheer but not so sheer that it won’t show up when worn alone and it has a nice texture, not too sticky. I know once this one runs out I’ll be buying another, I really, really love this color!

Here’s a little look I tried with the lips and eyes – I’m still on a bit of a learning curve with my eyeshadow.. sometimes it turns out okay, sometimes it doesn’t, so bear with me! I’m not creative at all when it comes to putting together different shadows and looks. I usually find a pictorial or video online to try to imitate, but this time I attempted it without that. I swear, my hooded, droopy eyelids are sooo hard to work with. I recently heard someone on a video say that hooded eyelids are actually the most common eyelids out there, but I have a hard time believing that. Whenever I Google a look, the pictures that pop up are almost always girls with full, visible lids and I get a bit jealous. I mean, they just look like they’re so much easier to work with than mine. There are so many techniques and odd things that I have to do to get the lid color to show, to get my eyeliner to wing out without getting caught on the hood, it’s just crazy. I feel like no matter what I do, it just doesn’t turn out the way eyeshadow should really “look”. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it one day and it’ll be like second nature, but it feels like that day will never come.

Inglot Sleeks Lipgloss 46, Inglot Lipstick 236 Cream, Inglot Pure Pigment Eyeshadow 35

Lorac Unzipped, Inglot AMC Pure Pigment 35

Before I even received these products, I went and ordered some more; 5 Inglot shadows from their Freedom System (the Freedom System is a system Inglot has where you can choose the size of the palette you want to purchase, from a 1-square palette to a 40-square palette, along with the products you want to add to your palette – eyeshadows, lipsticks, concealers, etc.; the freedom to add what you wish!). So I will have another review coming soon! All in all, I’m really impressed so far and I don’t know why it took me this long to try them out! Do you have any experiences with Inglot, or are there any products that catch your eye?

Happy First Day of Spring! + a Spring Nail Look

Ahhh, the first day of spring is finally here! Although I know that probably most of the country isn’t really feelin’ the spring time weather yet, it’s here and you can’t deny the feeling is in the air. We’ve had a bit of a long winter, but I know it’s going to warm up soon because there is no other choice but to! Being in Colorado, I don’t get to experience the spring that I’m used to. Spring to me is the sun shining down, GREEN, green grass (something you definitely don’t see out here with the dry climate), the sights and smells of colorful flowers blossoming everywhere and birds & bees buzzing throughout the air! Spring to me, is this:

Cherry Blossoms - Winterthur, DelawareThis is Winterthur Museum and Gardens in Delaware – former home of Henry Francis du Pont. The gardens and land are free to walk (after you’ve paid admission or acquired a membership) and it is simply one of the most gorgeous, immaculate, serene places to be in the spring and summer. This is probably my favorite place to be in the spring time, ever. There are so many gorgeous sights and scenes here! With benches available in several places, you can choose to sit and read a book or just to sit and admire the absolute beauty and wonder of this place. I’ve been spoiled by it and my heart aches a little because I won’t be able to see the true beauty of spring this year. *sigh*

Alright, alright, enough daydreaming! I’ve done my nails for the first time in a bit because I feel so spring-y today! I’ve chosen pink and purple because those colors remind me of the spring flowers that I’ll be missing out on (sad face). Hey, I have to live out my daydreams somehow! This is a light glitter gradient look I tried, using Essie’s French Affair which is a pale pink cream (both coats applied very smoothly) and Sephora by OPI Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild (love that name!), which is a glitter polish that consists of a chunky lilac/bluish, holographic glitter and a fine lilac glitter.

Essie French Affair, Sephora by OPI Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild

What do you think about this look? Are you excited for the spring season to come?

Sephora + Pantone Universe Rush Luster Cheek Sweep & Venus Lure Lip Balm Review + Swatches

Just a quick word before my review, I want to thank EVERY one of you who is currently following me right now. I’m really hoping to make this blog work and to help bring some input into the beauty blogging community. I don’t know how likely that is with the thousands of us that are already out there, but I want to at least give it a shot and I really, REALLY appreciate your support! I’ve changed my blog name just because I feel if this ever does jump off (knock on wood), I don’t know that I would’ve been completely satisfied with my previous title or not. I’m an extremely (can’t stress that enough) indecisive person, so I HOPE this will be the last time, because I feel content with the title I’ve chosen now. Anyway, thank you all again & I really do hope you’ll stay with me throughout my journey! 🙂

So as I’m sure most of you know, Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s color of the year. I, for one, am absolutely loving it but I didn’t realize just how much until Sephora released their Radiant Orchid collection this week! This whole collection is, for lack of a better word, radiant! You can check it out here, at I wasn’t completely obsessed with makeup when last year’s color, Emerald, was announced, so that collection didn’t appeal to me as much. If you check Sephora’s website in the sale section (which I stalk several times a day) they still have some of last year’s Emerald products available. I was tempted to buy later on in the year as my makeup obsession grew, but I resisted because there were too many other things that I wanted way more and I don’t think I would ever wear green or blue eyeshadows in public. I’m just not at that level yet.

This year’s Radiant Orchid is vibrant, bright and beautiful – perfect for spring time and not just because of the name. I’d love to get my hands on The Eye: Radiant Femme Artistry Set and The Face: Radiant Femme Artistry Set but those things will just have to wait until my budget allows (sad face). I did manage to get my hands on the Rush Luster Cheek Sweep, which is a gorgeous and extremely (I mean it, use caution!) pigmented Radiant Orchid blush with two luminizers, one in what they have listed on their site as Rose Gold (on the palette, it’s named Spanish Villa) and one listed on the site as Iridescent Pink (Bridal Rose). Both the luminizers are on the shimmery/borderline sparkly side, so if you don’t want to look like a disco queen, you’ll want to use a light hand. The blush has a shimmer too it as well just so you are aware, but it’s not disco queen-y like the luminizers. Everything in this palette picks up VERY easily, so again, proceed with caution and use a light hand! I learned this the hard way, so the photo below shows me wearing way more blush than I personally would feel comfortable wearing in public, but at least you’ll get an idea of how the color appears on skin. Overall, I’m very happy I bought this, as I don’t have any blushes that are this color! Definitely a keeper!

Now the Venus Lure Lip Balm on the other hand, didn’t really tickle my fancy as much. I had my mind made up to get this because I knew it wouldn’t be as bold as the Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick from the collection, which I felt would probably be too bright for my liking. I did swatch the lipstick at the store today and I loved the color, but just don’t know if I would’ve had the guts to wear it. Well, I’m kind of wishing I would’ve gone with that instead of the balm. The balm has a nice peppermint scent to it and is VERY sheer – a little more sheer than I’d like. It’s hard to tell how these things are going to turn out on you until you actually try them on your lips. The swatch below I think was about 12 swipes total (not back and forth), so you can see it really takes a lot to build up. I was hoping it would be a little more pigmented on my lips because of my pigmentation and discoloration. I can’t remember how many times I had to swipe it to get it to build up to the color it was on my lips in the picture below, but it was quite a few. If your lips aren’t as pigmented as mine, I’m sure this would work a LOT better for you! I also don’t like the moisturizing feeling of this. Now I have severe issues when it comes to lip balm/chapstick. I’ve been addicted to it pretty much since the womb (thanks, mom & Bonne Bell) so I have certain kinds that I KNOW will work for me and certain kinds that drive me INSANE and I feel like they’re kind of just there to make my lips slip & slide around or that they’re actually drying out my lips rather than keeping them moist. The feeling of this balm to me is like that of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – the actual cocoa butter, not the chapstick. For me, this just doesn’t work at all and the feeling of it on my lips literally drives me insane, so I think this will be going back. The color does last longer than the moisturization, but for me, that doesn’t really matter. I’m sad it didn’t work out for me but if I had known it was going to be that texture, I could’ve avoided that altogether.

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep & Venus Lure Lip Balm

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep and Venus Lure Lip Balm

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep

Sephora _ Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep – From bottom to top: Radiant Orchid blush, Bridal Rose Luminizer, Spanish Villa Luminizer

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Rush Luster Cheek Sweep (a weee bit too heavy)

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Venus Lure Lip Balm

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Venus Lure Lip Balm

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Venus Lure Lip Balm

Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Venus Lure Lip Balm

Have you tried any of the Radiant Orchid collection? Is there anything on your wishlist?