I’ll be your respirator, I’ll be your pressure suit..


So listening to Spotify, I was brought back to this gorgeous man ^, Matt Hales (aka Aqualung). His music is simply amazing, and I wish more people knew about him. His ballads are just breathtaking.. he just seems like such a loving, generous man (his wife is a lucky gal!) and I love how his music and words just jumble together so perfectly without sounding overly lovey-dovey and mushy. He’s British, so that’s a definite ++++ and he writes these letters every once in a while for those that subscribe to e-mail updates or his Facebook, about what’s going on his life lately and if there are any song/album updates coming soon which I like. I did get the pleasure of seeing him live in Philly and getting my picture taken with him (of course, it turned out horrid) which I’ll never forget, and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again someday. You may know some of his songs. ‘Strange and Beautiful’ which was heard on The O.C. wayy back in the day (haha) and apparently ‘Something to Believe In’ was heard on the very first eppy of Gossip Girl. Anyway, if you’ve never listened to his music, you should do so immediately. Strange and Beautiful and Memory Man are my favorite of his albums. Do it!


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