So, I love, love, LOVE Vampire Weekend with a passion. Saw ’em @ Coachella in 2010 (can’t say then I was a huge fan yet), then again in New York at the very last leg of their tour. Amazing. Love. Did I mention I love ’em? Anyway, I’ve fallen in love with the free-spiritedness that was Coachella.. I’ll never forget it. Cali was everything I knew it would be. So, Firefly is this summer – ‘The East Coast’s Premier Music Experience’. Vampire Weekend will be there – along with.. well, here’s the line-up:

Firefly 2013

Since I’ll be moving back home for a few months in like.. a week, I figure, I need to go. I’m a little afraid it won’t be as fun and lively because the east & west coasts are so incredibly different. Mostly though, I can never find anyone who wants to go with me to these things. A) This thing’s almost $300 now. B) My friends all have kids. C) Almost none of them share my taste in music. I’m not opposed to going alone, it’d just be more fun to have someone share the experience with me (duh). It could go either way right now, but I would feel sick to my stomach if I missed it. By the time I make my decision, all the tickets will probably be sold out and I’ll be forced to pay double the price, which will absolutely be my fault. *sigh* Such is my life.

She & Him Ezra


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