Mo’ Makeup Mo’ Problems

So, after the whole dilemma this past summer with trying to find my HG – my PERFECT shade, I of course have been sticking with my Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer (so far only in Honey, but I bought Tan as well back then, and think it’ll work in the summer-time). I don’t know why, but I’m starting to get antsy again. It’s been a few months since I’ve really bought anything makeup-y, so over the past couple weeks I’ve kind of been going a little crazy again.

I decided I wanted to try the whole red-lippy thing. I never ever wear color on my lips, besides my CoverGirl WetSlicks gloss in Guava or some free sample Anastasia gloss (in a color I couldn’t tell you right now).. which really isn’t much color at all. I actually like it the colors I bought – CoverGirl LipPerfection in Coral Twist and NYC City Proof gloss in Cherry Ever After (absolutely stunning color). I kind of hastily tried them because I couldn’t want to see what they looked like, and I think I actually liked them (not sure about the wear-time because I took them off almost immediately). Once I have somewhere to wear them to, I’ll know more.

I also bought yet ANOTHER tinted moisturizer which unfortunately didn’t work for me. Being lazy and not wanting to drive a half hour to Sephora, I thoroughly studied the NARS shades online, looked at reviews of girls (not as creepy as it sounds) with skin color close to mine who wore the TM and came to the conclusion that I’m most definitely Cuba. What I discovered was that I’m most definitely NOT Cuba. I didn’t think tinted moisturizer would be or could be that far off, because my Sonia Kashuk seems so versatile, but this is definitely too orangey for me.

I’m now looking for a light coverage foundation.. again. Less than medium-full and more than a tinted moisturizer. Yesterday, I went out and purchased Sonia Kashuk’s Perfecting Luminous Foundation in Bamboo (05). Should’ve went with buff. I’m mixed, so I don’t get why these darker colors aren’t working on me. I guess I’m really not as dark as I think I am. Maybe I’m in denial about the fact that my summer glow has been gone for months now. Either way, I’m stuck with it now since Target won’t let you return used cosmetics (horrible policy). Might match me in the summer though. Plus, it’s Sonia Kashuk, the woman who saved my life this past summer, so I can’t be that made about it. I also just purchased a tinted moisturizer by Flower Beauty (Drew Barrymore’s new line which I never knew existed until a trip to Walmart yesterday) – I believe it was in shade TM6 which seemed like an exact match.. however, I hated the consistency. It seemed once I touched it to my face it just kind of stopped there – melted into my skin or something and wouldn’t blend.. I don’t know what it was, but it was just very odd and something I’ve never felt or experienced with any foundation/TM ever. So naturally, I returned it (luckily Walmart is more lenient with their policy). I may try Boots No. 7’s TM next.. although I see it only goes up to medium and I’m always afraid medium is too light, but whenever I get a shade higher, it’s always too dark… almost always.

I haven’t had luck with my new buys these past few weeks. My Sonia Kashuk TM is amazing.. it’s just.. I crave more.. not because it isn’t good enough, but because I have spending issues. I get antsy and want to go crazy on new things. Maybe I’ll start posting pictures/reviews of everything I try, because it’s been well over 30+ face products by now and I don’t see many reviews by mixed/light skinned girls. That’s always what I look for when searching for foundations/TM’s, etc. so I can get a better feel of what shade to get, but those reviews are very sparse, so it’s hard to get a good idea. Anywho. Had to vent about this. Maybe I’ll have more luck next time. ‘Til then, cheerio!

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